DNI 'Delta' atomizer

The spillback atomizer type Delta is available in outputs from 20 - 800 kg/h. Also available with turndown ratio of 1:3 to 1:5 and spray angles from 30° to 80°! This atomizer is mainly suitable for industrial applications, in particular, oil burners. Of course its possible that the spray pattern is adapted to the character of the combustion head. Also applications with water and steam are among the possibilities.

Furthermore, other use of materials or spray specifications to customer needs we can provide. This nozzle type is equipped with tip shut-off needle and is always 100% tested for output, spray angle and spray pattern. Inquire about this excellent atomizer for your application.

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Product information

Atomizer type Delta

Output in kg/h
  • Supply pressure: 25 bar
  • Viscosity test oil: 5 cSt
  • Max. output: spill-back closed
  • Min. output.: spill-back pressure 3 bar
  • Turn down ratio: 1:3 ~ 1:5
  • Needle stroke max.: 6 / P=N16
Spray angle tolerance 0°/+5°
Stainless steel strainer
40 mesh > 125 kg/h
80 mesh ≤ 125 kg/h

Order specification

  • Atomizer type
  • Output in kg/h
  • Spray angle tolerance
  • Turn down ratio
  • Quantity

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