Vision of DNI-Projects

Current market situation

The number of producers of industrial atomizing applications is limited and that provides opportunities for a newcomer to this market. However, a new manufacturer can only be successful if excellent atomizers, which fully meet customer specifications, are delivered at a competitive price. With a 100% customer satisfaction, market share will then be expanded.


Within a few years DNI-Projects will become a familiar name, a fully-fledged player in the atomizing market. Developments will result in the coming years to a global sales output with a substantial market share to spray applications for oil burners and various water applications. Diversification through product differentiation is a goal itself.

Continuous innovation

DNI-Projects innovates continuously, even while it focuses on further expansion of the entire range. We find it important that our business processes and atomizer applications are certified. With certified quality products, new markets will be accessed which include horticulture, agriculture, refrigeration business and air conditioning. In addition, product development also focused on improving existing products that extend life and better results are achieved, yielding energy savings and protection to the environment. We rather are the best than the biggest and rather are all-round than limited.


The organization DNI-Projects has a flat structure with short lines, but without losing the direct control and contact with our employees. Our in-house, trained staff will be able to develop freely within this environment to professionals with a high degree of freedom and responsibility, combined with affinity for quality!

DNI-Projects develops herewith into a sustainable business with a positive continuity perspective.

We invite you

Do you have any questions or comments about our products or services? Do you have some specific requirements for an application featuring our atomizers? Are you interested in metalworking by DNI-Projects?
We invite you to contact us for discussion regarding all possibilities without obligation. DNI-Projects is pleased to assist you.

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