Scope of DNI-Projects

DNI-Projects is a company that focuses its activities on the development and production of atomizers and related products for use in industrial and domestic oil burners. The products can be used for spraying and / or burning liquids of heat sources.

In addition, for various applications there are possibilities with other materials. The product range also includes atomizers for water applications.

Customers of DNI-Projects are manufacturers, wholesale and maintenance companies and individuals worldwide. In addition to the core business of atomizers DNI-Projects also makes precision parts for various industries. The products are made in both single pieces and series. This includes partial and/or total processes including the preparation of products according to customer requirements.

We invite you

Do you have any questions or comments about our products or services? Do you have some specific requirements for an application featuring our atomizers? Are you interested in metalworking by DNI-Projects?
We invite you to contact us for discussion regarding all possibilities without obligation. DNI-Projects is pleased to assist you.

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